As you know, the three-year commitments to the most recent building fund campaign will come to a close on February 1, 2018.

The members of First Baptist Winfield sacrificed in the past to construct this facility, and it stands today as a testament of God’s blessings
on the previous campaign efforts. If you took part in the previous campaigns – THANK YOU!

Please prayerfully continue to support the final push – “FINISH THE RACE.”

In 2018 the church will begin the last four years on the debt repayment schedule. Will you make a commitment this year to support the
needs for 2018?

Compare this to four laps on a track:

Lap 1: January to December 2018
Lap 2: January to December 2019
Lap 3: January to December 2020
Lap 4: (Victory lap): January to December 2021

Victory is near!

Let’s finish the race strong. Why commit? A commitment to this campaign will help the church anticipate the level of giving to the budget and building fund this year. NO SPECIFIC PLEDGE AMOUNT
IS ASKED. Simply, will you commit to support your church needs next year. It expresses gratitude to God for what the church means.

The Commitment Card.

The commitment card will come to your home in the mail and can be returned on COMMITMENT DAY, NOVEMBER 19. The card can be returned

  1. Through Sunday School;
  2. The offering plate in the service;
  3. Box in Fellowship Mall;
  4. By mail;
  5. In person to the church office.

Thank you for what you will do!

Paul T. Murphy, Pastor

Please come and explore the Old Testament with us on Wednesday Nights this fall. The study is entitled Step by Step Through the Old Testament.

Promotion Day in Sunday School on August 27 will be a great day to gather at 9:00 a.m. Our wonderful teachers are inviting and planning on a full house. This will be a good day to start back to SS or begin for the first time Inviting people one by one is how Jesus did the work of evangelism.

Rick Warren related the experience of hearing his dying father tell the passion of his heart to reach one more. Warren recounted, “The Thursday night before he died, Alyssa, my niece, and Kay and I were in that room by his bedside. All of a sudden my dad got very agitated, and he tried to get up and he tried to get out of bed. And Kay said, ‘Jimmy you’ve got to lay back down. You're sick; you're dying.’ He kept trying to get out of bed, very agitated,
trying to get out. And finally Kay said, ‘Jimmy, what are you trying to do? What do you want?’ He said, ‘I've got to save one more for Jesus. Got to save one more for Jesus. Got to save one more for Jesus.’ He said that probably a hundred times in the next hour. ‘Save one more for Jesus. Save one more for Jesus.’ That is a man on a mission.”

—Bro. Paul

Thank you so much for those who have made this summer special. The children’s ministry has provided many fun and fellowship opportunities for the kids. The VBS was one of the best, and this week has seen high numbers of children in backyard Bible clubs. ThanksThank you so much for those who have made this summer special. The children’s ministry has provided many fun and fellowship opportunities for the kids. The VBS was one of the best, and this week has seen high numbers of children in backyard Bible clubs. Thanksvolunteers. The students had a great number at camp and fellowship activities through thesummer.

Many participated in the associational and Acteens mission trips. The collegestudents volunteered service to help with weekly food boxes, enjoyed Bible study and a good fellowship trip. We have had some great times in worship, music, and Word.

Now, let’s labor together for a great fall. The Sunday School training and Promotion Daypreparation will be a must for a dynamic fall of outreach. Thank you to those who willwillingly serve this next church year. Pray and participate in our deacon selectionprocess this Sunday.

Please remember in prayer and support the Vinings at the end of this month as they go on mission in Africa. They will share Christ with a needy people and land.

I look forward to seeing each one each Sunday!

--Bro. Paul

God is blessing us richly this summer. Thank you for providing so many opportunities for people to come to Christ.God is blessing us richly this summer. Thank you for providing so many opportunities for people to come to Christ.
At the end of July, please be a part of MISSION VBS -- JULY 31 - AUGUST 2, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. HELP US REACH OUR OWN COMMUNITY FOR CHRIST!

We are taking a mission trip over the Christmas holidays. There is an opportunity for you to help with the trip.FOR THE KIDS BBQ AND CONCERT FOR GUATEMALA
Sunday, July 23 Starting @ 11:45 a.m., Activities Building, Winfield First Baptist Church $12.00 Donation for a Ticket; $10.00 Twelve Years and Younger

Purchase in the Fellowship Mall or Church Office

Music by the Gospel Bluegrass Band, Family and Children’s Carnival Games, Watermelon, Homemade Desserts and More!

Thank you to all those making the TV broadcast possible. I hear so many out in the town saying thanks for this service.

Why do people suffer? That will be the subject this Sunday night. I look forward to seeing you then this Lord’s Day.

—Bro. Paul

Thank you so much for your efforts in Vacation Bible School! What a blessing to see so many lives touched with the Gospel.

You were up before dawn and started your day.

You sped off to work as is always the way.

But this week is different, there's no time for errands run.

The chores at home will have to wait or just go undone.

The laundry piles up and so does the dust.

Things that are usually important, this week just aren't a must.

It's because this week is VBS!
(Terri Bordeaux)

Please be in prayer for the Youth as they participate in Youth Camp. Pray that many meaningful decisions will be made. On Sunday afternoon, July 23, there will be a special lunch and concert for Guatemala. We plan to take a group this December to do ministry during the Christmas season. This effort will help many children the rest of this year. Please get your reservation tickets starting this Sunday.

Don’t miss the Sunday evening series this summer – Topics Too Hot to Touch. I look forward to a great day on Sunday!

Bro. Paul

Prov. 31:30. Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

Who can take the place of a mother? During the last world war, a wounded American soldier was taken to a hospital in England. There, in a large ward, that boy lay, sick and dying. And, in his delirium, the boy began to cry for his mother: ‘Mother, mother, mother.’ And,
behold, his mother came in and stroked the hair of the boy, kissed his fevered brow, held his trembling hand and the boy grew quiet and still in the presence of his mother and died. And, the nurse in the ward, standing there, wide-open eyed, listening, when the boy expired, looked and said: ‘What a miracle! You, his mother.’ And, the dear woman replied, ‘No, sweet nurse, I am not his real mother. As I was walking down the hallway, I heard him cry, ‘Mother, mother’ and, for just a moment, I took her place. (Criswell)

Thank you Mothers! We look forward to honoring you this Sunday!

“R. W. Dale was preparing an Easter sermon when the truth of Christ’s physical resurrection burst in upon him with compelling power. ‘Christ is alive!’ he said aloud; ‘He is alive – alive!’ He began to walk about the room saying to himself, ‘Christ is living! Christ is living!’ Not only that following Easter Sunday, but for months afterward he exulted in the theme of the resurrected Christ. He even began the practice of having a resurrection hymn sung each Sunday morning just to remind the people that they were worshiping a living Christ.” (Wiersbe)

Josh McDowell, while a university student and agnostic, put Jesus to the test. After 700 hours of historical research, he honestly concluded that Jesus was the Christ who rose from the dead. McDowell experienced the most conclusive evidence to the living Christ. He said, “Look, I was there. It’s changed my life.”

He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way.
He lives, He lives, salvation to impart!
You ask me how I know He lives?
He lives within my heart.

Bro. Paul