Prov. 31:30. Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

Who can take the place of a mother? During the last world war, a wounded American soldier was taken to a hospital in England. There, in a large ward, that boy lay, sick and dying. And, in his delirium, the boy began to cry for his mother: ‘Mother, mother, mother.’ And,
behold, his mother came in and stroked the hair of the boy, kissed his fevered brow, held his trembling hand and the boy grew quiet and still in the presence of his mother and died. And, the nurse in the ward, standing there, wide-open eyed, listening, when the boy expired, looked and said: ‘What a miracle! You, his mother.’ And, the dear woman replied, ‘No, sweet nurse, I am not his real mother. As I was walking down the hallway, I heard him cry, ‘Mother, mother’ and, for just a moment, I took her place. (Criswell)

Thank you Mothers! We look forward to honoring you this Sunday!