October 31st is Reformation Day. On the thirty-first day of October, 1517, at twelve o’clock Martin Luther nailed to the doors of the castle-church at Wittenberg, ninety-five Latin Theses. The Theses of Luther reverberated the themes of the Reformation.

Martin Luther had experienced salvation by faith not works.

Luther received the answer to life’s most important question. How can a man be just with God? Years earlier, when Luther went to Rome, he ascended on bended knees the twenty-eight steps of the famous Scala Santa (said to have been transported from the Judgment Hall of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem), thinking he might secure the indulgence attached to this religious performance, but at every step the word of the Scripture sounded in his ear: “The just shall live by faith” (Rom. 1:17).

Luther said, “But when, by the Spirit of God, I understood these words – The just shall live by faith; The just shall live by faith! – then I felt born again like a new man; I entered through the open doors into the very Paradise of God!”

Bro. Paul