The 21 days of prayer offer all of us an opportunity of spiritual adventure with the Lord. It will be a devoted time to offer ourselves at God’s disposal to teach and lead us. Please avail yourself to every time possible.

This Sunday I will teach the PRAYER FOR SPIRITUAL AWAKENING SEMINAR. You will receive a manual to help in the teaching time. This will be an enjoyable time of study as we launch the 21 days.

E. M. Bounds said, “God shapes the world by prayer.” Here is one of my favorite “prayer stories” told by Bounds: “George Benfield, a driver on the Midland Railway, living at Derby, was standing on the footplate oiling his engine, the train being stationary, when his foot slipped; he fell on the space between the lines. He heard the express coming on, and had only time enough to lie full length on the ‘six-foot’ when it rushed by, and he escaped unhurt. He returned to his home in the middle of the night and as he was going up-stairs he heard one of his children, a girl about eight years old, crying and sobbing. ‘Oh, father,’ she said, ‘I thought somebody came and told me that you were going to be killed, and I got out of bed and prayed that God would not let you die.’ Was it only a dream, a coincidence? George Benfield and others believed that he owed his life to that prayer.”

When the saints enter heaven, multitudes will discover the prayers that got them to heaven.

Bro. Paul