As you know, the three-year commitments to the most recent building fund campaign will come to a close on February 1, 2018.

The members of First Baptist Winfield sacrificed in the past to construct this facility, and it stands today as a testament of God’s blessings
on the previous campaign efforts. If you took part in the previous campaigns – THANK YOU!

Please prayerfully continue to support the final push – “FINISH THE RACE.”

In 2018 the church will begin the last four years on the debt repayment schedule. Will you make a commitment this year to support the
needs for 2018?

Compare this to four laps on a track:

Lap 1: January to December 2018
Lap 2: January to December 2019
Lap 3: January to December 2020
Lap 4: (Victory lap): January to December 2021

Victory is near!

Let’s finish the race strong. Why commit? A commitment to this campaign will help the church anticipate the level of giving to the budget and building fund this year. NO SPECIFIC PLEDGE AMOUNT
IS ASKED. Simply, will you commit to support your church needs next year. It expresses gratitude to God for what the church means.

The Commitment Card.

The commitment card will come to your home in the mail and can be returned on COMMITMENT DAY, NOVEMBER 19. The card can be returned

  1. Through Sunday School;
  2. The offering plate in the service;
  3. Box in Fellowship Mall;
  4. By mail;
  5. In person to the church office.

Thank you for what you will do!

Paul T. Murphy, Pastor