Please come and explore the Old Testament with us on Wednesday Nights this fall. The study is entitled Step by Step Through the Old Testament.

Promotion Day in Sunday School on August 27 will be a great day to gather at 9:00 a.m. Our wonderful teachers are inviting and planning on a full house. This will be a good day to start back to SS or begin for the first time Inviting people one by one is how Jesus did the work of evangelism.

Rick Warren related the experience of hearing his dying father tell the passion of his heart to reach one more. Warren recounted, “The Thursday night before he died, Alyssa, my niece, and Kay and I were in that room by his bedside. All of a sudden my dad got very agitated, and he tried to get up and he tried to get out of bed. And Kay said, ‘Jimmy you’ve got to lay back down. You're sick; you're dying.’ He kept trying to get out of bed, very agitated,
trying to get out. And finally Kay said, ‘Jimmy, what are you trying to do? What do you want?’ He said, ‘I've got to save one more for Jesus. Got to save one more for Jesus. Got to save one more for Jesus.’ He said that probably a hundred times in the next hour. ‘Save one more for Jesus. Save one more for Jesus.’ That is a man on a mission.”

—Bro. Paul