Video Messages from Dr. Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers

Thursday Mornings February 1 - March 29


6:00 a.m. Breakfast
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February 1 - I Kings 18: 1-39
LET THE FIRE FALL - Our civilization is sick. With a rampage of violence, suicide, divorce, pornography, graft and corruption at the highest levels we are in desperate trouble. We need not fear what terrorists may do nearly as much as we should fear what God Almighty may do in judgement. But we CAN have revival in these days!

Feb. 8 - Matthew 21:12
WHEN GOD CLEANS HOUSE - When you get saved, God moves in. You become a holy temple. But God will not live in a dirty house! He will do a cleansing work on you. Have you turned the temple into a den of thieves? God loves you too much to leave you like this.


Feb. 15 - Ephesians 4:31-32
THE FREEDOM OF FORGIVENESS - Two problems do great psychological, emotional and spiritual damage. One is guilt, the other is bitterness. Guilt imprisons us; bitterness poisons us. Forgiveness is the andwer to both. Forgiveness sets the prisoner free. When you truly forgive from your heart, you set two prisoners free; one of them is you.

Feb. 22 - Psalms 85:1-6
THE AMERICA OF TOMORROW - Are you praying for revival in America, hoping lost people will repent? Prepare for a surprise. The REAL repentance God is looking for is that of His OWN people. If we want to see changes before it is too late, revival must begin in the hearts of Christians. It is OUR repentance that will bring God’s glory back to our nation.

March 1 - Matthew 7:7-8
A PRAYING CHURCH - If God is all-powerful and all-knowing, then why must we pray? Doesn’t he already know our needs? This classic message answers many of your questions about why God asks us to pray, and what to do when it seems your prayers aren’t being answered.


March 15 - Natthew 19:3-6
FAMILY REVIVAL - We live in a day of broken homes and throw-away marriages. God established marriage to meet our deepest needs: emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual. Marriage is His divine design for us. In this message by Adrian Rogers, learn how to protect and defend your marriage.


March 29 - Proverbs 29:1
CROSSING GOD’S DEADLINE - Can a man spiritually pass the point of no return? Today’s message concludes Adrian Rogers’ look into scripture and what the Bible says about that hidden boundary between God’s mercy and God’s wrath.